Liz Ham

They’re fashion’s most recurring styles. It was only a matter of time before they collided, and ever so brilliantly at that. New update from MANUSCRIPT MAGAZINE: Gothlete a fusion of sportswear and gothic styles starring new face Tristan Jensen.

Photography: Liz Ham
Styling: Jolyon Mason
Grooming: Sasha Nilsson
Hair: Sophie Roberts
Model: Tristan Jensen

César Segarra

The power of three: Satoshi, Chris & Teresa photographed by César Segarra and styled by Faustina Rose for TheOnes2Watch.

Duckie Brown

Simonas Pham shot by Platon for Duckie Brown Fall/Winter 2012 campaign.

Frederik Ruegger

Frederik Rugger at New York Models captured by Stefani Pappas and styled by Andrew Mukamal  for Homme Style Magazine ISSUE 5.

Gorka Postigo

Yannick Abrath shot by Gorka Postigo and styled by Berta Álvarez for Esquire España.

Husk Magazine

Cameron Handley photographed by Stefani Pappas and styled by Andrew Mukamal for Husk Magazine.